Doctor Evidence CMO Advocates Evidence-Based Medicine At Concierge Medicine Assembly, 2016 in ATLANTA, GA

Dr. Tom Price at the CMT Assembly (Atlanta, GA) speaking with Concierge Medicine Physicians. Source: Concierge Medicine Today; The DPC Journal
U.S. Congressman Tom Price, MD, Member of the Congressional Healthcare Caucus, Chairman of the House Committee on the Budget and Member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, was the Keynote Speaker at the Concierge Medicine Assembly in Atlanta, GA in August of 2015 and again at the CMT Assembly in 2016. Credit: Concierge Medicine Today/THE DPC JOURNAL, Aug 2016

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Doctor Evidence CMO, Todd Feinman, will participate in two panels on the role of technology in bringing Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) to improve physician efficiency and patient outcomes at the Concierge Medicine Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 12th and 13th, 2016.

J. Catherine Sykes serves as the CEO/Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today (CMT)
J. Catherine Sykes serves as the CEO/Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today (CMT)

Doctor Evidence (DRE) has more than a decade of experience in rigorous evidence-based medical methodologies and technologies which search, find and catalogue relevant data from peer-reviewed content, including clinical papers, conference proceedings, abstracts, and drug label data from the U.S. and Europe into user-friendly, relational databases. Dr. Feinman, who co-founded Doctor Evidence in 2004, helped develop one of the first Hospitalist programs in Southern California. As a Hospitalist and Medical Director for a large, independent physician association, Feinman realized that there were no accurate and user-friendly technologies that would enable him, or others, to use the data found in clinical studies to determine the most effective test or treatment for specific patient populations.

Dr. Todd Feinman
Dr. Todd Feinman,  Founder and CMO, DOCTOR EVIDENCE and a 2015 & 2016 Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) Faculty Member.

“Personalized application of evidence-based decisions should be the norm, and our company provides the technology to access the most up-to-date, patient-specific evidence for a given therapeutic area or intervention, so that physicians and patients can decide together the most effective course of treatment,” says Feinman. “Concierge doctors, known to be innovative and patient-centered care, are in a unique position to take advantage of the growing number of personalized data resources matched to patient profiles and preferences, including the Doctor Evidence technologies, to improve patient care.”

Utilizing DRE’s integrated, dynamic platform, doctors and patients can view underlying data being considered for the patient’s various treatment options and compare efficacy and safety of those treatments. These capabilities enable physicians and patients to engaged in shared decision-making with individualized patient preferences to determine true value-based care outcomes. This is a powerful tool to improving the use of evidence-based medicine at the point-of-care and improve patients’ outcomes.

“This is where Concierge Medicine really sets itself apart,” says Catherine Sykes, CEO/Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today at their annual 2016 Concierge Medicine Assembly held in Atlanta, GA last weekend, August 12-13, 2016.

DRE is launching new digital health applications that democratize enterprise-class solutions to the benefit of individual patients. DRE’s technology will allow patients and doctors to precisely match individual patient characteristics to evidence-based suggested therapies—resulting in improved outcomes.

The DRE platforms have proven valuable to global stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, including life-sciences companies, global academic institutions, pharmacy benefit managers, evidence-based practice centers, and leading healthcare providers in the marketplace.

About Doctor Evidence:  Doctor Evidence, LLC, founded in 2004, is a leader in technological solutions for evidence-based medicine with a mission to provide stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem with the most timely and relevant medical evidence and related analytics to make and inform the best clinical decisions. Using its proprietary Digital Outcome Conversion (DOC™) platform and its rigorous methodology of extracting clinical data from static sources, including published studies and epidemiological databases, and creating dynamic, scientifically-curated data hubs which is pooled and analyzed to support the development of evidence-based clinical practice guideline recommendations, systematic reviews, and health technology assessments. For more information on Doctor Evidence innovations, please visit

SOURCE Doctor Evidence

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