About Evidenza

We are located at 4080 McGinnis Ferry Road, Building 800, Suite 801 in Alpharetta, GA. Tel. 770-455-1650

EVIDENZA PRECISION MEDICINE is a forward-thinking company bringing together cutting edge technologies and services to the Healthcare  community and their patients. Evidenza’s Physicians have a unique opportunity to provide superior care and support services to their patients.


EVIDENZA provides physicians with a cutting edge integrated, personalized, and evidence-based medicine array of services.   An overview of the services offered by Evidenza include: Evidence-based Medical Outcomes Data and Reports; Pharmacogenomics Testing; Whole Genome Sequencing and Analysis; Limited Genetic Sequencing and Analysis and DocCoverage, an evidence-based service providing physicians with evidence documenting the superior outcomes and efficacy of recommended treatments or drugs that have been denied by insurance carriers.  Evidenza offers strategic direction, engagement and relationship management vehicles deployed by professionals that understand and believe in the value and brand that ‘precision medicine’ provides.

EVIDENZA provides a subscription-based, reference-ready, search-friendly online database of evidence-based medical outcome data, providing a proven physician-authored clinical decision support tool, taking data from published clinical studies, FDA drug labels, and epidemiological databases to transform static data into reusable dynamic relational databases which doctors and patients can access regularly to make the right point-of-care decisions.

  • Evidenza is the first and only web-based service that helps patients & their doctors use real evidence to determine the most effective & safest therapy for any medical problem.
  • Creates a custom project for each patient and their unique medical condition.
  • Enables patients to use the same data that policy-makers, hospitals, payers and medical societies now use to figure out what works and doesn’t work for them