CMS-Based Surgeon Scores

Outcomes-based scoring is quite complex. The data on readmissions and patient mortality inside a hospital require no subjective interpretation, the data on complications however, is not as clearly documented. This is due to recording complications that require individual judgment. Coders, healthcare professionals and their patients may differ in their interpretation of events. As a result, complications may be recorded differently across facilities (or even by different coders within the same facility). Furthermore, even if codings were consistent, the codes themselves do not always separate a mild complication (like a simple infection) from a serious one that requires greater medical attention (like sepsis). Therefore, a time-tested, peer-reviewed methodology to account for complications must be integrated into Surgery Quality Scores.

Lookup outcomes-based Quality Scores for surgeons and hospitals from MPIRICA Health, an innovative leader in quality transparency.

The MPIRICA Quality Score is an objective measure of surgical performance based on documented medical outcomes. The score ranges from a low of 100 (sub-optimal care), up to a high of 800 (superior care), similar to a credit score. It individually measures hospitals and physicians, at the procedure level. Each provider may have multiple scores, based on the procedures performed.

“Anyone seeking medical care, along with their referring Physician, should have access to a Quality Score [a simple, three-digit number] that individually measures their local hospital facilities, and surgeons, at the Procedure Level.”