Welcome to Evidenza RESEARCH

Through Evidenza RESEARCH and our Strategic Partners, we provide Physician’s with access to the latest research and interpretation and a database of 30+ million abstracts, trials, news articles, and drug labels that have been indexed with AI and NLP technology.

Evidenza Solutions (Evidenza) Makes Finding, Reviewing and Reading The Latest Medical Evidence From Clinical Studies Accessible, Readable, and Relevant. Together With Its Partners In A.I., Evidenza Used This Technology on Behalf of Consumers and Physicians to Curate Data For Doctors. We Can Rapidly Search 27.3 Million Articles and 1.2 Milion Concepts from Published Sources Using Your PICO(T) Question(s). We Find Relevant and Specific Medical Literature To Help Physicians Make More Informed Decisions Based On Actual Medical Evidence and Fact. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, Physicians Will Receive User-Friendly, Easy-to-Understand Summarized Reports. For Further Deep-Dives Into The Evidence, We Will Also Provide Physicians With The Meta-Analysis Results From Clinical Trials, RWE, and the literature, via Natural Language Processing technology in Our Partners AI platform. By Using This Reports, Physicians Can Provide Patients With The Evidence To Support Their Treatment Options, Rapid Review & Monitoring of Pubs, Trials, Conferences, & News. Accelerate your decision-making timelines with fast, accurate and data-supported intel.

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