Gene Sequencing | How It Works

Currently available in academic medical centers, this advanced healthcare decision support tool provides the ability to predict and prevent disease and, if disease manifests, personalized therapies tailored to each patient. Genetics usually refers to the study of individual genes and their role in disease or inheritance. Genomics refers to an individual’s entire genomic make-up. Genomics looks at the genetic sequence of genes, and their structure and function as well as the interactions between genes. An easy way to think about genetic testing is to compare it to a book, because genetics is truly our Instruction Manual of Life and genetic testing is simply a way to proofread each person’s Instruction Manual for potential typos.

Sample Reports

Below is both a sample patient and MD report.

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“DNA data with the continuous interaction and direction of a [Concierge] physician ushers in a healthcare utopia. In this way, it simplifies decision making using insights obtained from each person’s genetic data” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today.

  • The laboratory isolates the person’s DNA from the saliva and sequences the person’s whole genome at 30X coverage.
  • Non-invasive saliva collection kits that your patients can use at your office or their home
  • Pre-paid return packaging to return each saliva specimen
  • Lifetime, HIPAA-compliant storage of the genome sequencing data
  • Analysis of the data
  • Two genetic reports that transform genetic data into meaning information
  • The Healthcare Pro report is designed for you, the healthcare professional – view sample report
  • The Wellness & Longevity report is designed for your patient – view sample report
  • Your practice’s own HIPAA-compliant and Privacy Shield-compliant account at to access your patient’s data and genetic reports
  • No additional cost to your practice to securely store your patient’s genetic data and genetic reports
  • Includes the ability to securely share the data and reports with your patients.
  • Evidenza has a partnership with, the world’s only HIPAA-compliant platform for apps that turn genetic data into valuable information.
Evidenza Steer Committee Member, Brandon Colby, MD, is’s Founder and CEO and author of Outsmart Your Genes.

“The genetic revolution has already begun, and it is having far-reaching effects on healthcare right now,” said Brandon Colby, MD, a medical doctor, author of Outsmart Your Genes and’s Founder and CEO. “Our knowledge of how to use this information is increasing at an exponential rate. What this means is that we can now start to integrate genetics into our everyday lives. With comprehensive genetic testing, we launch an innovative strategy against disease, attacking it before it even manifests. Whole Genome Sequencing, therefore, provides a new counter-offensive in our war against Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases that have plagued our civilization for centuries. This is the most exciting, and potentially groundbreaking, medical development of this century.”